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What the Irish Newspapers are Saying About "They Put the Flag a-Flyin":


The Irish Times     15 April 2006

" a remarkable book recently published by Kathleen Hegarty Thorne, of Oregon in the US. ...."They Put the Flag a-Flyin' is a fascinating account of the names and activities of "the Roscommon Volunteers 1916-1923."


Westmeath Independent     10 December 2005

Article: "Old Athlone IRA honoured by American writer in mammoth new publication"

The events in Counties Westmeath and Roscommon between 1916 to 1923, has been re-studied by a fresh and untarnished mind, and newly recorded in a history book – the likes of which has never appeared on this island before.

The American author of ‘They Put the Flag a-Flyin’ has recorded the local events as she has discovered them, and when she came to write on the Civil War, she didn’t have the baggage (like most Irish families have) of coming from either side of the argument – so she could give a fresh presentation without judgment.

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The Roscommon Champion     25 October 2005

Article: "Epic book on War of Independence to be launched on Sunday"

"Michael Lennon, editor of the book, described his association with the book as 'a joy, a privilege and an honour'. He told the families of the volunteers: 'If there's one fact I took from the book that made it such a wonderful production it's the relationship that developed between Kathleen and all of you. Somehow she arrived on your doorstep...charmed her way into your trust and your confidence sufficiently to open your attics and bring down those long lost private papers and photographs. That material is what made the book through the magic of her hands and mind.' "

The Roscommon Champion     1 November 2005

Article: "Book honours efforts of the Roscommon Volunteers"

"Kathleen Hegarty Thorne's work had shown that it wasn't just well-known people in Dublin or Cork that had taken part in the War for Independence, but that people like the Roscommon volunteers had also made a major contribution." County Manager John Tiernan said "the book is a very unique publication, the most comprehensive account of any event in history and Irish history, and it's told from people who partook, and the papers of people who partook at the time. Kathy says it's not an academic story but it will be used by academics and researchers for years to come. It's the defining text....At this time of peace and decommissioning it's time to open up the subject."


The Farmers Journal     12 November 2005

Article: "Saving the Volunteers from obscurity"

"Having already written two books, she saw in the story of her grand uncle and his comrades perfect material for a historical work. And so she embarked upon a mammoth journey that has just produced They Put the Flag a-Flyin': The Roscommon Volunteers 1916-1923."


Western People     01 January 2006

Article: Local History

THERE have been some excellent local history books published in recent years but there are few that can match the spectacular standards set by Kathleen and Lew Thorne in their superb 'They Put The Flag a-Flyin'', the story of the Roscommon Volunteers from 1916 to 1923.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the men of 1916 - and their successors in the War of Independence - no-one can deny the courage or the determination of these men and women. They were deeply committed to the cause of Irish freedom and many of them suffered greatly for their idealism. Some of the incidents that are recalled in this book are truly hair-raising and it is important that these events are never forgotten by future generations: Ireland's freedom did not come easily or cheaply. It was a painful and difficult process and we can see from the pages of 'The Put the Flag a-Flyin'' that many of the participants in the War of Independence and Civil War were emotionally and physically damaged for the rest of their days. There is nothing glorious about war - even a war that results in the liberty of one's country.

No words can possibly do justice to the exceptionally high standards that have been set by Kathleen Hegarty Thorne in 'They Put The Flag a-Flyin'. It is quite simply the most outstanding local history book that this reviewer has ever seen.

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The Leitrim Observer     4 November 2005

Article: "New book features detailed local account of War for Independence"

"After twelve years in the making, Kathleen Hegarty Thorne's new book, They Put the Flag a-Flyin', is an epic account of the War for Independence and Civil War in Roscommon and the neighbouring counties of Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Westmeath, Longford and Leitrim."